Clutch Shifter Kit

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I would like to know what these items are, what they do, what they go to, what they’re used for, how old they are and who manufactures them. Thanks.

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I know exactly what this is but you will not find it on any website. As a machinist part o my job requires sharpening tools. This is a fixture to sharpen circular saw blades on a tool and cutter grinder, made be a machinist, yes we make our own tools. Wish I would have seen this a week ago it is a much simpler design then the one I just made. I will provide a link of a saw sharpening machine. and explain how this one would work. So the short thick cylinder would mount in a workhead or collet block. The part with the concave taper with the pin mounted on the longer shaft is where the arbor for the saw goes. The other taper part slides down over the pin to keep the saw blade centered. The aluminum bracket on the front with the thin black spring is used to indicate a saw tooth so each tooth gets an equal grind. Then you just traverse the table to and fro on the grinding wheel. All other articulation is to achieve different relief angles for proper tooth geometry. As for the long thin plate, I can only think the it was used to achieve proper set up at the grinding wheel. These are a pain to get adjusted correctly. We are not tlking about fractions on an inch and degrees of an angle, but ten thousands of an inch and minutes of an angle. From the pictures I cant tell what the handle is used for, but I would assume leverage to make adjustments easier. Any questions contact me at


By: Shawn

Submitted on: 04/15/2017 at 09:09AM

Are you able to find a sharpening machine that has a picture of ANY of these parts? I can accept it if you can, but I can't find anything to verify your opinion.


In the short answer, no, one does not exist. These are custom made to be used with bench grinders, dremel tools, tool and cutter grinders and surface grinders. Here is a link to the type of tools machinist make, as our profession is tool making. { } In the link you will find what a company production looks like. If you are interested in selling it, I may be interested as I can adapt it to one of my machines.


By: Shawn

Submitted on: 04/21/2017 at 06:09PM

Thank you, if you figure out what this is exactly, with a reference link with these parts, please let me know.