About Us

Experts: Identify items that are submitted by the Posters.

  • Anyone can be an Expert.  Simply sign up for an Expert account and submit opinions for items listed by Posters.  When a Poster accepts your Opinion, you will get paid the “bounty” by PayPal.

Posters:  People or companies who submit items to be identified.

  • Anyone can be a Poster. Simply sign up for a Poster account and list items you would like to have identified. Upload images, state what would you like to know about the items, and set a “Bounty” (dollar amount you are willing to pay for a correct opinion of the item by an Expert.)   It is free to post.  Only pay the “Bounty” when an Expert submits an opinion that is satisfactory to you.

  • Are you in the Liquidations business?  Become a Poster and use this website to list items that you are not able to identify, and then pay a “bounty” to Experts for correctly identifying your item that you requested.

Manual (How To): 

Listings: A listing is created by a Poster.  The listing is of an item the Poster would like to have identifiedListings must contain the following:

  • Pictures

  • What information you would like to find out about the item

  • Item size

  • Description of any markings on the item

  • Bounty – A Bounty is the dollar amount that the Poster is willing to pay for a correct identification of the item they listed. The mount minimum is $6, and goes up by $3 ($6, $9, $12 etc)  The higher the bounty the more likely an Expert will give an opinion on the item)

  • Expiration Time:  A listing can be designed to expire, 30, 60 or 90 days from the start of the listing.  Listings that expire are allowed to be relisted.

A listing can be

  • Permanently Deleted:  You will not be able to relist this item.  Note:  You cannot permanently delete an item if it has an opinion pending on it. (There is no charge to delete a listing)

  • Cancel Items:   This will cancel your listing.  You will be able to relist the item. (There is no charge to cancel or relist your item)

Opinions:  These are answers submitted by an Expert. The opinion must provide information that the Poster requires about the item.  Experts are required to use a “reference link” (such as a website URL) to support their Opinion.  The Poster will see the opinion and can reject or accept it based on accuracy.

  • Accepted Opinions: When a Poster accepts an opinion on the listing,  the “bounty” will be paid i.e., transferred from Poster’s PayPal account to the Expert’s PayPal account.

  • Rejected Opinions:   Posters can reject an opinion.  When rejecting an opinion, the Poster ,must explain to the Expert why he or she is rejecting it

  Reasons for Rejected Opinions:

  • The Opinion is wrong and the reference link does not provide enough information to back up the Opinion.

  • The Opinion is lacking some information and the Poster would like to get more information about the Opinion or the item to help correctly identify it.

Create an Expert account or create a Poster. Account! Your PayPal account must be verified with PayPal as this is the only way you are able to send or receive payments.