Wire harness

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what make and model this will fit

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Markings: 22-04498-01 22-0911-04 2100533.g.15853.22 174121597x

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Suspect this is not an OEM harness. It uses universal TE Ampseal connectors, which are used by MegaSquirt and other standalone ECUs. The other end of the harness appears to have a Tyco AMP ECU 44 pin, which again is another universal connector. As for a specific the vehicle, my best guess would be it's a modified Ford harness. The photos are a little too blurry and many of the connectors are obscured. If you could upload more detailed photos I could maybe nail it down a bit more. Also, if you knew what geographic region it came from that could also help.





By: agentanderson

Submitted on: 09/10/2023 at 11:17PM

Hello, I just uploaded more pictures of the harness, the harness is in USA