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what this is, please use a reference link to the same

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Size: 10" long

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Edge clamps, or edge mount clamps. These are a bit unusual and would be very valuable to someone in rigging, moving, etc. These were hand made in a shop by a pro. They are very well designed to grip with maximum torque whatever material they were put on, that was then either mounted or transported. The rings are placed laterally to a spec as well. Not sure why- but they are placed to give good access to lift hooks. We really needed one more pic to see inside the clamp side. However, it appears that the spring is there to apply a bit of pressure to hold the adjustable clamp plate in position. The two larger bolts are then torqued down to hold the material firmly. A good place to market them would be to a rigging company, land or marine. Even looks like they might be part stainless steel- designed for marine or long term outdoor use for a sign perhaps?... If you ordered these at a shop- Im sure you are going to get quotes well in excess of 700.00. Couldnt find anything exactly like it- but the links point you to clamps that follow the same principle. The first link is a good example to show you how the bolts are used for clamping pressure.


By: captjeff

Submitted on: 08/29/2023 at 10:19AM

Thank you for the opinion, but I cant seem to match the ones I have to any of the references you gave,