Rack Mounted Radio Communication / Broadcasting Equipment?

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Listed: May 04, 2020 Ends: August 02, 2020

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I believe this is a rack-mounted power supply for radio broadcasting or communication gear. Please find a similar item from the same time period to reference.

Item History: Unknown

Size: 9-1/8" in length and 7-7/8" in width.

Markings: 288, 9/10, 288, 288, 9/10, 180mm 7.09 inch. Also there is also a sealed rechargeable battery in it that says 'Power Sonic Model PS-1230 12 Volt 3.4 Amp. Hr.'

Color: Cream

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its a military radio amplifier



By: Bill N

Submitted on: 04/03/2017 at 02:05AM

I believe you're in the right ballpark but the link you provided didn't help me narrow it down. I'm not sure it's an amp due to the lack of controls. It could be a vintage rack-mount power supply for broadcasting or HAM gear. If you can find something more in line with this particular item... something from the period, preferably. Thanks for contributing!