Starter 9 tooth

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what make and model, please use a reference link to exactly same starter

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Size: 9 tooth

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New 12v started motor


By: sig

Submitted on: 09/15/2019 at 06:56AM

thank you for the opinion, but the referenced starter has a different mounting section from the one I have

Porsche 911 high torque starter with aftermarket clocking plate.


By: iknowthat

Submitted on: 07/21/2019 at 02:42PM

thank you for the opinion, it is close to the one I have, but the one i have does not have a plug near the battery terminal and the spacing is different on the front,

Starter for Kubota Rtv900 and a host of other Kubota powered equipment


By: doby86

Submitted on: 07/30/2019 at 05:47AM

thank you for your opinion, but the starter you reference looks different from what I have, mine has an adjustable plate on front, and it also does not have the put on the back,

This is a generic gear reduction starter that's been machined to accept an adapter plate. These starters are used on lots of different vehicles from small 4 cylinder engines to big V8's. This one appears to be made to fit an air cooled VW but without exact measurements it's impossible to be 100% sure but VW's do use a 9 tooth drive gear. There are many manufacturers of these gear reduction starters (American & Chinese) and many companies are modifying them for specific applications. The URL's show a few that are available for VW's. Please note, not all the starters look exactly the same (different manufacturers) but the adapter plate almost always does. The extra holes are so the starter can be "clocked" or turned to the desired position. Some adapters have 3 or 4 holes, some only 1 or 2 holes. It all depends on the maker. The last URL has a photo of one that looks closest to yours. It was available from Go Westy VW Parts over 12 years ago.


By: oldpartsage52

Submitted on: 07/20/2019 at 10:31PM

thank you for the opinion, I see what you are saying, but the only thing that confuses me is that the starter I have does not have a plug near the battery terminal, all the ones you reference have a plug there, are those interchangeable?