Copper Valves w/ 5/8" Male Quick Connect Fittings

Bounty: $4.80

Posted By: HelpIdentify
Listed: February 24, 2020 Ends: May 24, 2020

I'd Like to Know:

What are these? What purpose do they serve? Be specific. Provide a reference link to this specific item or one reasonably similar. No vague answers without reference links will be accepted. Thanks in advance.

Item History: Unknown

Size: See photographs: 5" & 4-5/8"

Markings: See photos.

Color: Copper

Material: Copper (?) I believe.

Model Number: See photos.

Manufacturer: Unknown

Brand: Unknown

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I don't disagree that they look very similar but I'm not finding any welding tips with that fitting ... with the rubber grommet. If you could find something with those fittings, I'll accept it. No penalty for this rejection.