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I would like to know what make and model this will fit. Please use a reference link.

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It looks to me to be about 2" key stock that you would use in a very large shaft to drive a large gear, pulley etc. The 2 tapped holes are so that you can remove it from the shaft. It's a common piece of industrial hardware that many times is machined to length from "key Stock.


By: DDB171

Submitted on: 12/20/2022 at 03:32AM

thank you for the opinion, the 2" keys looks like are 2" long, this one is 6" long


Yours looks to be 2" wide by 2" high by 6" long. The examples in the links are just showing what they look like. They are made in various metric and english sizes. They are used in all sizes of machinery from lawn mowers to stamping presses to hot rod cars etc. They are not specific to one machine. They are a generic timing part used to put a flywheel in the exact location so the the spark timing is correct or to drive a pulley, gear or sprocket on a shaft and keep it from slipping. The only way to find the machine it was made for is to ask the person who purchased it.


By: DDB171

Submitted on: 12/29/2022 at 02:54PM

yes thank you, but if you can find some for sale at my size, I would be able to accept it