2" ball hitch mount

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looking what this can mount on, where they sell these,

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This is a homemade trailer hitch. This is not built to industry standards. This is not made by Curt. Someone used a Curt ball and welded it to a bent steel rod. The mounting plate isn't near thick enough for a bolt-on and there is no secondary support. The welding is not to industry standard either. Curt does not build hitches like this. The first URL shows the method Curt uses in the bent solid hitch. They always goes into a receiver and are never bolted directly to the bumper or frame. Second URL shows the Curt hitch that is a bolt-on. Notice it uses a bolt-on ball and has a provision for safety chains and the mounting plate is twice as thick as yours. The third URL shows the Curt bolt-on receiver. Lastly, all Curt hitches are painted black or powder coated black and always have the SAE or CSA certification on them. There is no doubt your hitch is homemade and there's no way to tell what it was made to fit.





By: oldpartsage52

Submitted on: 02/13/2019 at 05:24PM

Thank you for the opinion, I do realize its a hitch with a ball made custom made, but I would like to know where this would be used full, and used for? maybe just display purpose? I have about 10 of them