Clutch Friction Disc

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I would like to know what make and model this will fit. Please use a reference link.

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This is a rebuilt brake friction disc for a tractor. These are sold by application or by size and spline count. Yours appears to have a 23 tooth spline and a 7" diameter. This could fit a number of different brand tractors like some Ford/New Holland models or some of the European tractors like Fiat or Lamborghini. The one shown in the URL is for a Massey Ferguson but it has a different spline tooth count.


By: oldpartsage52

Submitted on: 09/01/2018 at 02:05AM

Thank you for your opinion, your right it is a friction disc, but I cant seem to find any that have the 23 tooth spline, are you able to find same count as I have? Thank you