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Listed: October 09, 2019 Ends: January 07, 2020

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I would like to know what this is, what it goes to and who makes it.

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Based on the photos , the thickness and the rust in the last photo this appears to be part of a high pressure steam system of some kind. The one photos shows it may be made of Brass or Bronze. The first photo is confusing as it looks tapered? But the last photo confirmed it carried water due to the rust, The wall thickness confirms it was used under very high pressure, What its from I cannot tell you. But I can say it IS definitely from a steam powered system of some type, Hope that helps you out.

By: alex1195

Submitted on: 08/27/2015 at 12:26PM

Thanks for your help. I need a enough information to verify your ID opinion. Could you provide a retail website with pictures or something comparable for me to verify what this is? Thank you again for your help IDing.