Help Identify molds? Lathe Parts?

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what this is what, and if they go to a machine, what make and model they will got to

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Size: 10.5" x 6"

Markings: S7 S8

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Could be a forge molding part, a CNC milling machine would have cut the grooves into the body. Or it could be an aluminum pressure die casting. I'm leaning more toward the latter due to all the slots on it. Aluminum die casting molds are often made to fit an individual need. So many companies make custom molds (I suspect the simplistic numbering "S7" and "S8" points to this) made to order. I have linked one such company because they give very detailed information about the molds, that may help you disprove this theory, if incorrect, by identifying pieces that I am unable to see. The second link is to another example of a custom pressure aluminum die casting that was made by a Turkish company that looks very similar to your pieces mold portion (it is the second picture). The third link is to a video showing how the mold part of the pieces are cut by a milling machine, because it is fascinating to watch, but also so if these answers don't help you maybe that will give you inspiration of other avenues to search for the exact part.


By: Srneeley

Submitted on: 01/21/2020 at 08:54PM