Transmission Oil Pump?

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Listed: March 09, 2021 Ends: June 07, 2021

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What is this item? Who makes it? What exact make/model/year does it fit? Where can I find it online?

Item History: NONE

Size: NA

Markings: It has a National 3404 seal

Color: NA

Material: Billit Aluminum, Steel

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It is parts to a "Cycloidal Reduction Gearbox" invented by the Japanese, often used where space and wait are critical. The function can be compared to a bicycle when going uphill, you need to downshift the gears which gives you more power at a lower speed and you have to peddle faster. The cycloidal gear box is used on large industrial machines to eliminate those large flywheels / gears often seen on early 20th century machines. This gearbox is NOT experimental, they are in use today and work good!


By: RunRight

Submitted on: 05/11/2018 at 03:36AM

Thank you for your opinion, but I'll need a better reference link to verify your answers. The planetary gearboxes linked in your answers don't really look anything like this pump, but if you can find it online, I can accept it immediately!