Shaft ?? Prop Shaft? ? Mercruiser ??

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what make and model this will fit

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Size: 12-3/4"

Markings: marker written 7118

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Can't be sure but it looks just like the Prop shaft for my Merc-Cruiser 80-90 lower unit. I looked up the number 7118 In the online Marc-Cruiser database but it didn't show up under any part list, It may be the Volvo -Penta version of the Merc-Cruiser 80-90 . count the number of Teeth on the End where the O ring goes on the Shaft.


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By: alex1195

Submitted on: 01/11/2016 at 11:36PM

Couldn't find any MC 80-90 prop shafts that looked anything like this one. Do you think maybe it is an input or output shaft? One end has 14 splines and the other end has 17 splines. The middle has 25 splines.