Dome Mounted Gears (?)

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What these are specifically and what they're used for?

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Size: It's length across the bottom is 7-5/8" and it's diameter is approximately 3-3/4". Sprockets have 10 teeth.

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This is an enclosed drive for conveyor chain. Conveyor Chain is a type of roller chain. The shaft on the outside is where the power is conveyed into your "Dome", either by another sprocket or pulley which is then driven by a motor. What you called gears are sprockets. If you look around the hub of the sprockets you should find the size as well as the manufacturer. Then you can determine the size of the chain the sprocket is designed for by Googling the manufacturer and sprocket number. If you cannot find the manufacturer or the sprocket number, then you need to begin accurate measuring. Count the number of teeth on your sprocket. Measure the outside diameter of the sprocket. Measure the diameter of the shaft going through the sprocket. I would begin Googling "conveyor chain sprocket dimensions" to get you close. Find a photo or drawing that looks close to what you have. Rexnord and Martin are the first manufacturers that come to my mind


Rexnord or Martin Conveyor sprockets

By: mmtrainee

Submitted on: 02/08/2016 at 12:57AM

Thank you for your opinion. I have added more pictures of the inside of the item, as well as the number of teeth on the sprockets. There were no numbers inside, though.

these are gear reduction blocks for use in a slow moving equipment


seen them before in a warehouse

By: Tommy4320

Submitted on: 04/22/2016 at 09:48PM

Thanks for your opinion. I'm trying to accept your opinion but having a hard time verifying it. Can you maybe find one online or something so that I can compare them?